Art Utensil Organizer

28 Oct

This thing is awesome for holding my art supplies together in one convenient place. It makes me a much more efficient worker.


-Thick cardboard tube, sawed into appropriate sizes (14 cm for pencils, 12 cm for pens, 20 cm for paintbrushes.

-scrapbook paper


-hot glue gun

-white glue


  1. Once your tubes are cut into your desired sizes, sand the edges (if necessary) and decorate them either with paint, or decorative paper: Measure the tube and cut your paper to fit. Brush the inside of the paper with glue, then roll it around the tube, pressing it tight against the surface to make it uniform.
  2. Paint the inside and top surface black to make the tube neat looking
  3. Arrange tubes together the way you want them to be displayed, then glue edges together securely with a hot glue gun.
  4. Use nails to hang it on the wall, OR glue the bottom to the surface of a sheet of wood, then screw into the wall for a secure hold.
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